Kuwait MOD COMINT System – FARIS 1+ FARIS 2

Faris was to provide the ground environment for effective strategic COMINT in the MOD EW Branch. Faris was implemented in various phases. Faris-1 provides the basic capabilities for monitoring and DF the frequency bands HF, V/U HF, ETACS, GSM, SAT/Microwave with a limited number of fixed and mobile installations and facilities only. The key objectives of Faris-2 therefore were derived from the operational limitations of Faris-1 vs. the overall requirements for for strategic Communications Intelligence (COMINT). Existing facilities were enhanced with additional sensors, operational positions were enlarged and evaluation and analysis were also enhanced.

Our Team Scope & Delivery

  • Threat Analysis
  • Overall System Concept with phase Realisation
  • System Integration
  • Technical and Operational Assistance
  • Traning
  • Warranty Services.s